Extra Fees for a Lakeland Cremation Service: Are They Legal?

Cremation Lakeland FL Fees

When I talk with families about making cremation arrangements for their loved one, the topic of the “extra fees” comes up. Because of how we have structured our business we have very few “extra fees” but I know with many funeral homes and cremation centers these can be extensive and it’s important to understand them before agreeing to pay.

We charge for the services we provide as any business does. However, there are some fees that are simply out of our control as they are assessed by third parties, the State of Florida or the county where the death occurs.

Medical Examiner and Cremation Permit Fee

Even when the body does not go into the care of the medical examiner, some counties require a review of the nature of the death before they will allow cremation and charge a fee for this review.  This is a common practice across the State and the fee helps offset the Medical Examiner’s operating costs. These fees are collected by the funeral home or cremation center on behalf of the county.

Death Certificate Fees

Death certificates in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale and all of Polk County cost $10 for each certified copy. These fees are not marked up but collected by the funeral home or cremation center and paid to the county. In some cases, the funeral home or cremation center may have a service fee for processing a request, especially if it must be filed manually, involves an amendment, or requires additional work by the funeral home staff.


Each newspaper charges different amounts for obituaries. This can range from a small fee of $10 all the way up to $500 depending on the length of the obituary.