Who Do You Call If You Have a Death During the Holidays?

Death During the Holidays

Having someone pass on a holiday is very tough and we hope you are never in that situation. It seems even a little more difficult if someone dies on Christmas or another big holiday. While the world is busy with parties and celebrations, being the one that is grieving or facing an imminent loss often leaves people feeling even more lonely.

So, if the unfortunate situation arises and you have a death during a holiday, know that we are on call and ready to assist your family with whatever needs you have.

Many families I talk to on holidays voice their sincere concern that they are taking me away from my family and feel like they are ruining it for me. That’s definitely not the case. In fact, at most of the firms where I’ve served, there have been people who, for various reasons, volunteer to be on call. And families should not feel like they are taking our holiday away. We typically are “on call” so we can still spend the day with our family and friends. Even on New Year’s Eve we simply pass on the champagne toast, knowing we may need to leave and assist a family.

Just like a first responder or people who work in medical facilities and hospices, we are called to our careers as professionals. The career typically picks us and not the other way around. We start the journey of college knowing part of the job is being there for families regardless of the day or time.

Working on holidays has provided some of the most rewarding times in my career. We enter this industry because we want to serve families at their time of need. Never is it clearer than at Christmas. We are fortunate to be given the chance to give our time and talents to help people, what better time than during the Season of Giving.